Wild Muse programs are offered in-person (location varies) and online in a private ZOOM ROOM. They work for writers at all levels. Together, we create a safe and supportive environment for everyone to generate new prose and/or poetry, to share it, and to receive positive comments about what’s working. Sharing is optional ad encouraged. Bring a project, or go with the flow. Write for yourself, your friends and family or for eventual publication.

Prompts, exercises, and craft tips will be provided with opportunities to write, read, and receive comments limited to: What is strong… What speaks to me… What will stay with me…

We will enliven our writing with sensory language, vivid imagery, and our personal lexicon.

You can expect to leave each session with two or more first drafts of stories, vignettes, personal essays, or poems written for personal satisfaction or eventual publication.

Samples of fine writing will demonstrate literary techniques, elicit ideas and memories, and inspire you to write with more honesty, clarity, and confidence.

Workshops feature craft essays, short forms of creative nonfiction, poetry and fiction by notable authors.




In-person workshops are most often hosted in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the mid-Atlantic United States.

Contact Maia to register for a Wild Muse workshop.